“Before my sessions with Ansie began, I was so fake. I had a fake smile, fake emotions, I portrayed myself in a way that blocked people from forming a connection with me. I lived in a small bubble that I had created myself, I was scared of everything and hardly ever thought of myself as deserving of anything good in this world. I did not know my worth; had no self- love, no confidence, and my values were all over the place.

Working with Ansie was the best decision I had ever made. She was so kind, understanding, patient, and she showed empathy. When explaining, she explained in a way that I understood exactly what she was talking about. I felt so relaxed around her and easy to get through the process.

I now realize my worth, I realize now just how much I love myself, just how powerful my subconscious mind really is. I don’t have that feeling of being scared of every little thing, I even drive these days without having the feeling of fear. I am no longer bitter, sad, angry and unable to forgive. I do not dwell on negative emotions anymore.

I now know that I just have to put what I want out there, and let the law of like attracts like do its course. I now love and value myself so much. My values are in line with my goals and I know that I am a phenomenal woman.”

Potso Magakela

“The life coaching assisted me with helping to clear my mind and get rid of all the negative beliefs I had in my life. I can feel that the emotions in my life and my daily work life does not control me anymore. I feel like I am more in control of my choices. I have clarity of what I need and want to do going forward. I feel like sharing my learnings with everyone that needs healing in my life.

Ansie was very straight forward, what you see is what you get.  She is always open and honest.  Has lots of energy and was fun to learn from and work with.”


“Toe ek begin het me my life coaching het ek soveel verwagtings gehad vir die uitkoms, maar ek was nooit seker of my verwagtinge dalk te hoog was nie, maar tannie Ansie het al my verwagtinge oortref.

Ek is so tevrede met my eind resultate. Ek voel weer goed, ek sien kans vir enige iets en enige  iemand kans te gee en die beste van alles, ek het geleer om myself weer lief te he, vir wie ek is, sonder enige perke.

Tannie Ansie het my geleer dat ek wel ‘n sterk vrou is en date k enige iets kan overcome wat in my pad staan.En ek weet sy sal daar wees as ek dalk weer ‘n oor nodig het.  Sy gee soveel om oor haar kliente en sy is bereid om die ekstra myl te loop. Sy is die beste ‘life coach’, sonder enige twyfel.

Ek is dankbaar vir die life coaching geleentheid.  Dit het my in ‘n beter weergawe van myself verander. Ek was nog nie een dag spyt nie en ek sal nooit spyt wees nie.   Ek het nog nooit so goed gevoel soos nou nie.

Dankie Tannie Ansie”


“Before the coaching sessions I was very depressed and just unhappy with all areas of my life. I used alcohol as a vice to numb my negative feelings and emotions. I also used food as a vice. I was very unmotivated in most aspects and my relationships were falling to pieces. I did not have self-love or peace. I did not know how to feel better about myself or life and I was in a very dark place. That is why I decided I had to make a change so I went to start sessions with Ansie, who is such an amazing and trustworthy person. Very professional.

I am happy about the stage I am in now after my sessions. It taught me self-acceptance; self-worth and it also helped me to see myself in a positive way and to forgive myself as well as those who hurt me. The techniques I have learned have helped me change my thought patterns and negative beliefs to positive ones. I have learnt and formed good habits to replace the bad habits I had in my life. My relationships and health has improved greatly and I have inner peace now as well as self-acceptance and happiness.

I will truly recommend coaching!”


“Before I started on the 16 hour transformation coaching program my mental state was all over. Life was not making sense at the time. I went through so many life altering experiences that left me feeling insecure, doubtful, unworthy and alone.  My confidence level dropped drastically.  Negative thoughts were overpowering and overwhelming.  I had no sense of peace.

What have I gained from the coaching.  The list is long but the most important lessons I gained was firstly your life is a direct projection of your inner self.  Once you rediscover who you are and are secure and confident, you start attracting all the goodness life has to offer.  My confidence has  been re-instilled.   I’ve learnt how to manifest the goals I have in place.

I understand that I have to show myself compassion and love myself unconditionally. I gained the strength to deal with my past trauma and be fearless when experiencing myself.  I’m grateful to God for leading me to Ansie who was so welcoming, loving, kind, patient, professional and just easy to work with and open up to.  I highly recommend life coaching it is a worthwhile investment.”


“UNCOVER THE SECRET OF A SUCCESSFUL LIFE!” – this slogan on Ansie’s website, is what initially caught my attention, as I knew that somewhere, somehow there must be a secret, unbeknown to me, to having a successful life!

Then the following is what sold it for me:

“The full transformation program will get rid of all unwanted behaviours, limiting beliefs, inner conflict and negative emotions holding you back to live the life you truly desire.

In only 16 hours your whole life can be transformed! To start living the life you were born to live. A life of abundance, happiness and being content and so much more.”

In only 16 hours? How on earth is this possible?

A program that will get rid of all my unwanted behaviours, my inner conflict and negative emotions and the best of all, uncovering the secret of a successful life?

It sounded too good to be true.

But I was in such a desperate need of change, that I was willing to give it a shot!

And my oh my, was this the best decision I have ever made, the best time I have ever invested in anything and the best money I have ever spent!

Ansie’s full transformation program opened my eyes to a whole new world of never-ending opportunities and a new way of successful living. Ansie is in my view, a miracle worker, as she has literally reprogrammed my mind in only 16 hours!

Initially, I was expecting my sessions with Ansie to be of the nature where she would advise me on directions to take and tools to apply, to make my life happy. Instead she taught me how to choose my own directions and that the purpose of life is not happiness or success, but rather experience and growth and once you have managed to get your head around that, happiness and success follows naturally and without effort.

The most important thing I have learnt from my sessions, is that what I regarded as “happiness” and “success”, was totally different from the person’s view next to me or what I have grown up to learn to be the meaning thereof – and that is perfectly fine.

For the first time in my life, I discovered what the “life” is that I desired and so desperately sought after and once that “TA-DAA” moment happened, that moment when the “secret” is revealed and you feel like you’ve just won the UK Lottery, you realises that the secret was in fact never a secret, it was always there, readily available and waiting on you.

Ansie and her programme equipped me with the necessary skills and tools to ensure that I will never again loose sight of the “secret” and my investment in myself!

Prior to my journey with Ansie, I never realised that I was mostly expecting people to be like me, to think like me, to do what I do and to say what I say. I now am totally comfortable with the fact that everyone is different, in fact I now love the idea of everybody being different in every aspect of life and with me, just being me, and being just me is perfectly fine and a choice I wished I made sooner in my life.

Not only was this the most valuable personal experience I have ever had, this was without a doubt, a life changing experience!

I can recommend it to any person that is looking to enable themselves with the skills and knowledge to become the best version of themselves! Don’t overthink it, just do it, you will not regret it at all!”


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