Nothing brings me more joy than to empower and guide my clients to start living a fulfilled life.


Testimonials from my clients as provided in written feedback by them. Only first names have been recorded on this page.


I had the privilege of meeting Ansie at the salon where I work as a hairstylist. In my line of work, clients often share their life stories with me. During a particularly difficult time in my own life, I was contemplating seeking professional help and felt overwhelmed by everything. I confided in Ansie during her hair appointment, not realizing she was a transformation life coach.

She encouraged me to schedule a free discovery session with her, where she explained her approach. I had the privilege of meeting Ansie at the salon where I work as a hairstylist. In my line of work, clients often share their life stories with me. During a particularly difficult time in my own life, I was contemplating seeking professional help and felt overwhelmed by everything. I confided in Ansie during her hair appointment, not realizing she was a transformation life coach. She encouraged me to schedule a free discovery session with her, where she explained her approach.

I was dealing with severe depression, anxiety, and the challenges of starting my own business. Despite my initial scepticism, I decided to give Ansie’s program a try. It turned out to be life-changing. I engaged with the program’s questions and exercises, and over time, I noticed a remarkable transformation. I became more confident, positive, and open to new experiences. Ansie’s teachings shifted my perspective on life, and my friends and family noticed the positive changes in me.

Life coaching with Ansie isn’t just a one-time fix; it’s a continuous journey of growth and self-discovery. I now face challenges with excitement, knowing I have the support and tools to navigate them successfully. Ansie’s approach truly has a magical touch, and I’m grateful for the positive impact it’s had on my life.


When I approached Ansie to assist me I had found myself in a space where I couldn’t think about my emotions and triggers objectively.  Emotions of anger, doubt, hurt, confusion had built up over time.  Some unresolved traumas from my childhood and later life had surfaced in a new way for further resolution and healing.  I was overwhelmed and the added COVID lockdown pressure had taken me to a very unsure place.  I struggled to function in my daily dealings.

 Ansie was very thorough in her approach and application of the techniques.  She got to the root cause of all the emotions that surfaced and went the extra mile in listening to the beliefs behind the beliefs.  She noted every false story I was telling myself and focused in on the problem areas she identified.  She assisted in releasing deep seated traumas I had thought I had worked through before.  Her kind and caring approach made it a special time of healing and connecting with my true self.

I feel emotionally lighter, I am no longer triggered by things I was triggered by in the past and have a renewed energy towards my own work and passion.  Ansie brought about healing, insights that I had not considered before which has opened a new perspective to me.  She challenged me to change my view and held me accountable for the change I needed to create in my life.  I appreciate the love and care, the sincere interest she took in my life and my journey.  I appreciate this earth angel, thank you, Ansie!


In doing this course, I was able to unpack allot of things that was bothering me and by doing this I was able to get a real 360degree view of what I was responsible for and why things were unfolding the way that they did.

Ansie was incredibly supportive caring throughout which made it a wonderful experience. She also brought to light many aha moments where I felt the penny had dropped on many things I couldn’t understand. Her style of coaching left me enlightened every session.

This program has changed my life. I recognise my bad habits quicker and I’m able to process the new instilled views and lessons with ease which has a wonderful impact on my life.

This programme equipped me for life changing events, current challenges and also has massive impact of my relationships. I received a new form of communication and things that bothered me in the past don’t bother me any longer. I’m allot more cautious of my natural behaviour and making better conscious choices. This was a very amazing experience and having Ansie hold my hand through the tough bits was eye opening.

I thank Ansie for being at the right place at the right time and being the real body of enlightenment that I needed when I needed it most.


“What a transformational journey this has been. I found Ansie at a point in my life when I felt stuck in every aspect of my life. Felt like I had reached a brick wall both in my personal life and career.  Ansie has been amazing to work with not only has she been professional but has also managed to break walls that I never thought anyone could break in my life. Ansie helped me in opening up areas of my life that exposed to no one, breaking self-limiting believes, negative views, and values that held me back and replaced these with new positive believes. This journey has taught me that anything is possible with a positive mind set. The coaching has set me up to have a different outlook in life, prioritise what really matters to me and fly high.

 I’m full of energy and happiness post my coaching with Ansie. She has assisted me to discover my future possibilities. Thanks, Ansie I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed.”


Before I started the coaching I struggled to control my anger and always wanting to fight for what I believe to be right.

I had a conversation with someone who was attending the coaching program with Ansie and I could see the changes, this was a clear indication that I needed to join as this was part of my plans to develop myself.

My sessions are interacting which I quite enjoyed. I explicitly remember the day we dealt        with my anger, can’t explain what happened but I felt the anger leaving my gut and I have not had any issues since that day in November 2021.

What I gained from the coaching is that I do not react to how I feel but are trying to ascertain the reason for feeling the way I feel, thus looking at the root cause instead of the effect. This must be my biggest learning as I am now in control.

I would definitely recommend Ansie.

 Before the coaching there was a stage where I was feeling very depressed. My life felt very stagnant and without purpose. I remember feeling stuck, demotivated and not being driven. What I was dealing with was lack. There was a lot of pressure coming from the outside world and to some extent I just went through a state of numbness.

My mom booked a session for me after reading a testimonial on Ansie’s website. She knew that I was going through a difficult time, I’d initially wanted to seek therapy, but after my first session with Ansie I felt that her programme could actually help change my life and gave me hope.

My experience was very enlightening. I gained a lot of knowledge and learnt a lot about myself. There was comfort in expressing myself and knowing that by applying some steps into my life I was able to transform it beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve learned so much from this program. I am able to face my fears and all my negative thoughts and feelings, knowing that I accept myself and love myself. I can say that I feel motivated and driven to chase after and work towards my dreams. Through consistency and applying active steps that I was taught, I am able to turn my life around. I am the navigator of my life and destiny.

I would definitely recommend Ansie and the coaching program because I learnt so many valuable lessons that I could apply to my life and just gained so much self-knowledge and self-confidence.  


The work that you do is life changing. I have travelled through the life coaching, relationship clear ups and Reiki sessions with you.

The coaching taught me a lot of lessons and brought up feelings I didn’t think I could get through. However, with your program, guidance and knowledge, I was able to overcome these feelings and transform them from negative to positive feelings. Each session had a different feeling and outcome but after a few days, I could feel the work we had done setting in.  Your expertise will still help a lot of people and change them for the better.


Before the coaching sessions I was very depressed and just unhappy with all areas of my life. I used alcohol as a vice to numb my negative feelings and emotions. I also used food as a vice. I was much unmotivated in most aspects and my relationships were falling to pieces. I did not have self-love or peace. I did not know how to feel better about myself or life and I was in a very dark place. That is why I decided I had to make a change and so I went to start sessions with Ansie who is such an amazing and trustworthy person and very professional.

I am happy about the stage I am in now after my sessions. It taught me self-acceptance, self-worth and it also helped me to see myself in a positive way and forgive myself as well as those who hurt me. The techniques I have learned have helped me change my thought patterns and negative beliefs to positive ones. I have learned and formed good habits to replace the bad habits I had in my life. My relationships and health has improved greatly and I have inner peace now as well as self-acceptance and happiness.

I would truly recommend coaching.


I went to Ansie for life coaching with a variety of matters. The best part is, I went for life coaching, not knowing its transformation life coaching or how it works, just thought it a more powerful word put before life coaching.

To my surprise after only 2 sessions that’s about 3 hours into the full transformation program, we focused on inner conflict therapy, it was just a wondrous experience, just a massive feeling of internal calmness.

To be honest, I was shocked by the process because I thought it is all about talking and receiving motivational tips, and I did not expect to go home that day with inner peace and filled with joy of being whole again. Just an amazing feeling of being self-aware again.

The question put to me was: when was the last time you felt whole Barend?

Well after that an amazing session I was whole again, it’s so difficult to explain the process, it is just you and your thoughts, and you’re faith and believes.  Ansie just guides you, it can’t be explained it must be experienced.

I can truly say that her coachman ship is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Her creative tools, great listening, and just genuine care helped me achieved my goals and brought me out of a tough spot with a stronger outlook.

I found her work to be brilliant, wise, insightful and practical. Somehow revealing to my true self and our nature of being human. I truly enjoyed your help and admire your passion for growth, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I never realised how important Transformation Life Coaching could be Ansie, thank you.


I have been on a quest for the past few years looking at every self-help program to help me grow more effective and improve my personal relationships. There is so much material, but little of this is effective in dealing with subconscious beliefs. I found that it was a struggle to maintaining momentum and I would self-sabotage an outcome just before completion.

My life has changed so much for the better since I started my Transformation Life Coaching program with Ansie. I now understand through the coaching what was preventing me from having an outstanding life. I have begun acting on my new belief systems, and I find that I am making more effective decisions and I am more self-confident.

My personal life has also transformed. I am more present and attentive, and I am enjoying the small things in life that I so often overlooked.

I have learned to be kinder to myself, act with greater confidence and I do not get as stressed. I have a better understanding of others as many of my limiting beliefs and filters have been reset. I am happier and I have found that I can communicate far better. This has helped to improve my personal relationships too.

I can highly recommend Ansie.


Before I started I was mentally rigid and habitual person without the full understanding of where I have picked up my habits and why I had picked up certain habits and how they were benefiting me or disadvantaging me, but now I am able to identify all my habits and control which habits I want to have for the purpose of supporting me and my goals and I have developed an understanding on how to pick out mental obstacles and remove them.

I have gained a better understanding of myself, how I work and I now appreciate my abilities and I know now how to check and use my abilities. I feel relieved and open to achieving my life goals. I have a better relationship with myself and the people around me and it’s a good healthy mental space to be in. I am feeling good and purposeful.


I struggled with a lot of self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-loathing. I questioned the purpose of life as well as my purpose in life… my life simply did not make any sense. It felt like I did not belong.

I was on medication for anxiety and depression, but dealing with my emotions by treating them with medication was not something I wanted to do long term. I shared one of the discussions I had with my physiatrist with my boss one day, and she immediately thought of you. My boss told me that you changed her life and that she was sure you would change mine too.

You made me feel at ease and comfortable from the very first day. I appreciated the fact that our sessions never felt like interrogations but rather like open conversations … like talking to a friend. This helped open up more because I felt that my beliefs and emotions mattered, and that it was okay to share them. With each session I learned something new about myself… it was very enlightening.

After the coaching program I have much more confidence in myself. I know who I am now, and I believe that I am capable of so much more than I could ever have imagined. I recently realised that the things that occupied my mind but did not serve me at all, no longer matter. Because I know who I am, I have so much more clarity on what it is that I want. As a result, I no longer make decisions out of fear or to please people. I believe that I matter, that I am worthy, and that I deserve every good thing life has to offer. At the age of 40, I have finally come to love myself.

I will absolutely recommend Ansie.


When my life seemed to be on its lowest, it was recommended that I go see a life coach and came across Ansie and what a positive experience it was!

For being a person with a “go with the flow” attitude to now a goal driven, motivated and total new outlook on life person. I have found myself who was deeply buried under my own negative beliefs. The coaching has made me consciously aware of the choices I have in my life and the impact it has on me and everyone around me.

I am now in control of my life and the choices I make will have an impact and be my life tomorrow, so I choose a life with happiness and success! The change within me after the coaching program was noticed by other people.

It was great working with Ansie as my coach for she is passionate about coaching and motivating and supporting me.


The life coaching assisted me with helping to clear my mind and get rid of all the negative beliefs I had in my life. I can feel that the emotions in my life and my daily work life do not control me anymore.

I feel like I am more in control of my choices.  I have clarity of what I need and want to do going forward. I feel like sharing my learnings with everyone that need healing in my life.

Ansie was very straight forward, what you see is what you get. She is always open and honest. Has lots of energy and was fun to learn from and work with.


Before the coaching sessions, I let everything get to me in workday, I would constantly feel like I am not doing enough or not good enough. This made me unbelievably unhappy, I struggled to sleep and as soon as I saw the worry in my husband’s eyes, I knew I needed to do something about this.

I did not know the difference between transformation life coaching and life coaching when I first reached out to Ansie, but little did I know that this is exactly what I needed. I didn’t just need tools to cope in certain situations, the real benefit came from letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Understanding the emotion that leads to the feeling of not doing enough or not being good enough, and letting go, and not camping in it, like Ansie says.

During the 18-hour journey I could already feel the difference, I am calmer, happier and I am able to set clear boundaries. I will not allow the events of a workday to interfere with my time with my husband, friends and family anymore.

What have I gained from the coaching sessions? An understanding of the subconscious mind and the role that it plays in how things are perceived. I can recognize an emotion that leads to an unwanted feeling and let go of it quickly enough. I am calm and happy no matter what and I know what I want in life and what I am working toward.


Journey Life Coach by Ansie Guyt transformed my life completely. My name is Zeyn and I had the privilege of being coached by Ansie Guyt who was able to help me in a time of my life where I was in deep crisis and felt I was down and out. The reason I initially started with the life coaching was because I had come out of a long relationship which I thought was to be forever.

Ansie helped me to cope and overcome that and I was able to come to terms, learn and understand myself better. My primary reason for embarking on the journey of life coaching soon took a backseat as I was able to discover that there were other factors of my life that needed fine tuning to become a better version of myself.

Through her well thought out programmes and teachings she enabled me with the skillset to thrive and cope in all situations that life was to throw at me. It’s truly valuable lessons which I can implement throughout my life to adapt, overcome and conquer any obstacle that comes in my way.

Unfortunately, many people think that in order to attend a life coach there has to be something wrong with you and you are then labelled as weak and unstable. That may dissuade people to start due to the fear of being judged and feeling embarrassed.

However, I believe that everyone should look into an adventure of life coaching to help you reach your goals and dreams that you think are unattainable. It is your mindset at the end of the day and it’s something we all have hidden within us, that ever-alluring desire of reaching success.

Ansie manages to shift your mindset to one that is more positive and helps you to unlock what was always inside you and allows you to reach your full potential. It is dependent on your effort levels. As the famous saying goes “you reap what you sow”, the outcome is on you as an individual and it always has been but the life coaching is an amazing programme that equips you to do so.

The journey of life can be an emotional roller-coaster full of ups and downs. Nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes to travel is better than to arrive and it’s all about the journey and not the destination. However, by attending Journey Life Coach with Ansie Guyt let’s just say you will be able to make the journey a lot smoother.


What a transformational journey this has been. I found Ansie at a point in my life when I felt stuck in every aspect of my life. Felt like I had reached a brick wall both in my personal life and career. Ansie has been amazing to work with not only has she been professional but has also managed to break walls that I never thought anyone could break in my life.

Ansie helped me in opening up areas of my life that exposed to no one, breaking self-limiting believes, negative views, and values that held me back and replaced these with new positive believes.  This journey has taught me that anything is possible with a positive mind set.  The coaching has set me up to have a different outlook in life, prioritise what really matters to me and fly high.

I’m full of energy and happiness posts my coaching with Ansie. She has assisted me to discover my future possibilities. Thanks, Ansie I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed.


I was struggling with depression and severe anxiety not knowing how I would make it through each day. My self-confidence was non-existent, and I felt drained on a daily basis, struggling to reach my goals and true potential.

After the coaching I don’t suffer from any form of depression or anxiety, and I feel confident in myself and my abilities. I have witnessed the positive changes in my career as well as my finances. I am calm and all my limiting beliefs are of the past. I feel free and joyful. The coaching has truly been a life changing experience.


“Uncover the secret of a successful life!” – this slogan on Ansie’s website, is what initially caught my attention, as I knew that somewhere, somehow there must be a secret, unbeknown to me, to having a successful life!

Then the following is what sold it for me:

“The full transformation program will get rid of all unwanted behaviours, limiting beliefs, inner conflict and negative emotions holding you back to live the life you truly desire.

In only 16 hours your whole life can be transformed! To start living the life you were born to live. A life of abundance, happiness and being content and so much more.”

In only 16 hours? How on earth is this possible?

A program that will get rid of all my unwanted behaviours, my inner conflict and negative emotions and the best of all, uncovering the secret of a successful life?

It sounded too good to be true. But I was in such a desperate need of change, that I was willing to give it a shot! And my oh my, was this the best decision I have ever made, the best time I have ever invested in anything and the best money I have ever spent!

Ansie’s full transformation program opened my eyes to a whole new world of never-ending opportunities and a new way of successful living.  Ansie is in my view, a miracle worker, as she has literally reprogrammed my mind in only 16 hours.

Initially, I was expecting my sessions with Ansie to be of the nature where she would advise me on directions to take and tools to apply, to make my life happy. Instead she taught me how to choose my own directions and that the purpose of life is not happiness or success, but rather experience and growth and once you have managed to get your head around that, happiness and success follows naturally and without effort.

The most important thing I have learnt from my sessions, is that what I regarded as “happiness” and “success”, was totally different from the persons view next to me or what I have grown up to learn to be the meaning thereof – and that is perfectly fine.

For the first time in my life, I discovered what the “life” is that I desired and so desperately sought after and once that “TA-daa” moment happened, that moment when the “secret” is revealed and you feel like you’ve just won the UK Lottery, you realise that the secret was in fact never a secret, it was always there, readily available and waiting for you.

Ansie and her programme equipped me with the necessary skills and tools to ensure that I will never again lose sight of the “secret” and my investment in myself!

Prior to my journey with Ansie, I never realised that I was mostly expecting people to be like me, to think like me, to do what I do and to say what I say. I now am totally comfortable with the fact that everyone is different, in fact I now love the idea of everybody being different in every aspect of life and with me, just being me, and being just me is perfectly fine and a choice I wished I made sooner in life.

Not only was this the most valuable personal experience I have ever had, this was without a doubt, a life changing experience.

I can recommend it to any person that is looking to enable themselves with the skills and knowledge to become the best version of themselves! Don’t overthink it, just do it, you will not regret it all!


Ansie greats you with a warm energy and makes you feel safe, comfortable, and confident to want to do the work to removing negative and limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

Ansie performed inner conflict therapy on me. I went into it with a bit of resistance. I had these two parts fear and Passion, and they were not Seeing Eye to eye. I was afraid to lose the fear because I was afraid that if the fear was gone, I wouldn’t stay true to my mission…to be a good mom, to be able to protect my kids, to make a meaningful contribution in the world. What I realised was that they are both fear and passion a part of who I was, and they both had a purpose – mostly they both belong to me.

I cannot describe this amazing feeling of wholeness – this amazing feeling of confidence and pure love. This amazing eye-opening moment where I can move forward in love and happiness without the paralysis of doubt and fear. I am excited and at peace with who I am.

I am forever grateful for the help that Ansie provided. Her coaching techniques are free of judgement and you immediately feel like she wants the best for you. You feel empowered to take the next steps. You feel encouraged.

Ansie was able to guide me through this amazing process. She has patience and understanding beyond the exercise. Her energy is nurturing and patient and you feel like you are safe. This was such a wonderful experience.

Ansie is an amazing coach with a kind heart, a loving soul and a very nurturing disposition. When you spend time with her – time flies by quickly – you cover so much ground. The best investment you could ever make in yourself starts with Ansie.


From day one, my life coach Ansie (sounds funny saying ‘life coach’ because over the course of my sessions she became more a friend than a coach) made me feel comfortable, relaxed and shared the process with me which enabled me to trust her and the coaching ahead. She is extremely knowledgeable yet created a comfy and warm environment to just be me.

After an extremely difficult year I needed something, someone, and anything…to just lift me up and get my mind positive again. Well, that is at least what I thought I was going to get and oh boy was I wrong!!! I got so much more from Ansie’s coaching than what I would have ever imagined! Dealing with the past, learning how your sub-conscious mind operates and how you can control it, “implanting’ your visions, dreams, etc., and has blown my mind. She has profoundly changed the way I think, talk, work, play and love!!!

In conclusion: on the road of life there will be many unexpected stops, detours and turns along the way. Sometimes you will even get lost. That is what makes life such an interesting journey and adventure. Learn to enjoy the ride!!

Ansie – you taught me how to enjoy the ride again!


I was not in good place at all before I started the coaching, my mind was all over the place. I couldn’t take control of my mind and it ran my emotions.

Now I’m way more aware of what I am thinking, have full control over my mind. Don’t feel anything like I used to before the sessions. I feel in control.

I have gained control over my mind which in turn gives me control over my emotions and how I react to different situations. I have gained confidence and self-respect. I have peace of mind and things that used to bother me or take control over my thoughts don’t any more. I would recommend anyone to Ansie, she is a great coach and comfortable to talk to.


Before I started my coaching sessions, my life was a dark, empty, sad and angry place. Some days I would wake up and then just go back to sleep again, feeling that for myself, at the stage, sleeping the day away was the best option for me…Why? Because I didn’t have to think. I didn’t have to feel a thing, and sleeping would pass the time of course.

I realised that I needed help, urgently…I had a few appointments with a Psychologist, and it felt good but only for a few days before it would all start spiralling out of control again. That’s when a few days would go by where I would just lay down and watch series or sleep, trying not to think too much, but when I did, it was negative and angry and emotionally draining.

Lock down cam, ruined everything but then again was such an eye opener…. You realise that taking a stroll in the afternoon or just going to the shops can be taken for granted in so many ways.  Now you’re stuck at home, trying to stay safe but still trying to make an income to survive month after month wondering if this is the new “normal”.

As soon as things started getting a bit better and Mr President decided that level 5 could go down to level 4, level 4 to level3 and so on, we could slowly start getting our lives back on track again.  But not for me, for me it only got worse.

You always have this amazing journey planned out for yourself, until life happens. Then you realise that there is so much more to it than just going to work. I couldn’t handle this thing called “adulating”. That’s when I decided that I can’t have a motto in life but not actually live by it, my mom was my rescuer, she the one who actually said that enough is enough, and at first I felt like a joke, because how come some people are capable of carrying the world on their shoulders, but I couldn’t even handle the early start of being an adult.

The first time I went to Ansie, we instantly had a connection. It’s like in some ways she could directly relate to what I was feeling. Each week got easier for me, almost like an excitement came over me the day before my session.

The world is sometimes so uneducated about what a life coach actually does. It’s not about reading the magic glass ball that’s in front of them, telling you what’s going to happen this coming week and how to handle it. Not at all.

This journey changed me for the better, Ansie gave me the guidelines, the necessary tools and advice to become a totally different person.

I am so grateful for this opportunity that came my way, my mindset has changed for the better, and I am equipped with the right energy and positive vibes. My self-image has been restored and my emptiness has been fulfilled with a golden liquid light of self-love and respect.


Before the coaching I wasn’t in the best state of mind. I was over self-critical and I had a low self-image and doubted my intelligence. My marks weren’t what they used to be and I saw myself as a failure. That subsequently left me disinterested in my work and personal hobbies and demotivated to try something new. Through the coaching programme, Ansie helped change my mind-set. I get to deal with the deep lying negative emotions and affirmations that my mind constantly chanted and installed new and better beliefs. I dealt with my procrastination little by little and through my new and better mind-set, I started to see myself flourish.

I have dealt with my negative beliefs and my self-issues. What I gained from the coaching is something I will forever be grateful for. My productivity increased and I mentally feel great. I’ve installed positive thinking and I am currently working on my own personal goals. I find myself as my own inspiration and I always want to strive to be a better version of myself every day.


Before my sessions with Ansie began, I was so fake. I had a fake smile, fake emotions; I portrayed myself in a way that blocked people from forming a connection with me. I lived in a small bubble that I had created myself. I was scared of everything and hardly ever thought of myself as deserving of anything good in this world. I did not know my worth; had no self-love, no confidence and my values were all over the place.

Working with Ansie was the best decision I had ever made. She was so kind, understanding, patient, and she showed empathy. When explaining, she explained in a way that I understood exactly what she was talking about. I felt so relaxed around her and easy to get through the process.

I now realise my worth, I realise now just how much I love myself, just how powerful my subconscious mind really is. I don’t have that feeling of being scared of every little thing, I even drive these days without having the feeling of fear. I am no longer bitter, sad, angry and unable to forgive. I do not dwell on negative emotions anymore.

I now know that I just have to put what I want out there, and let the law of like attracts like do its course. I now love and value myself so much. My values are in line with my goals and I know that I am a phenomenal woman.


My mental state was all over. Life wasn’t making sense at the time. I went through so many life altering experiences that left me feeling insecure, doubtful, unworthy and alone. My confidence level dropped drastically. Negative thoughts were overpowering and overwhelming. I had no sense of peace.

The list is long of what I’ve gained from the coaching but the most important lessons I gained was firstly, your life is a direct projection of your inner self. Once you rediscover who you are and are secure and confident, you start attracting all the goodness life has to offer. My confidence has been reinstalled. I’ve learnt how to manifest the goals I have in place. I understood that I have to show myself compassion and love myself unconditionally. I gained the strength to deal with my past trauma and be fearless when experiencing myself. I am grateful to God for leading me to Ansie who was so welcoming, loving, kind, patient, professional and just easy to work with and open up to. I highly recommend life coaching it is a worthwhile investment.