Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing

Break Free from Trauma: Embrace Your True Potential!

Surviving a traumatic event means the protective mechanisms that served you in childhood may now hinder your adult life. Imagine them as loyal guards still trying to shield you from past threats, even if those threats no longer exist.

Consider this: If certain behaviours led to punishment in the past, those protective parts will work overtime to prevent a repeat. If love was lacking in your childhood, parts of you may still be searching for it today.

Trauma can stem from various sources:

  • Childhood experiences
  • Relationships with parents and siblings
  • Meeting others’ expectations
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Learning disabilities
  • Difficult breakups, divorce, or abusive relationships
  • Societal conditioning leading to feelings of inadequacy
  • Judgments based on personal beliefs or sexual identity
  • Mental, verbal, and physical abuse
  • Emotional and sexual abuse

Unchecked trauma may manifest as:

  • Unmanageable patterns in your life
  • Persistent self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, and not being good enough
  • An incessant need to prove yourself
  • Communication struggles
  • Difficulty fully receiving love, always guarding your heart
  • An overwhelming desire to please others
  • A sense of being unlikable
  • Settling for less due to a belief that you don’t deserve more
  • Procrastination and lack of follow-through
  • Remaining stuck in your comfort zone

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