Trauma Healing

Trauma occurs when you experience something deeply disturbing or distressing.  The experience is often so overwhelming that you are unable to cope in the wake of it or feel so paralysed by it that you can’t move forward in life.

Living through a traumatic event could lead to the development of depression and anxiety if it’s not dealt with. It could also leave you with a great sense of grief and mourning for that which is lost.

You might have experienced trauma through some of the following:

  • Hijacking or smash and grab.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Armed robbery.
  • Emotional abuse.
  • Mental abuse.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Physical abuse.
  • Having lost a loved one due to natural or unnatural causes.
  • Having a miscarriage.
  • The painful breakup of a relationship.

In my trauma sessions, you will:

  • Enter a safe space filled with compassion and understanding.
  • Together we will work through the difficult, painful emotions that come up.
  • Challenge thoughts and feelings of blame and possible guilt and shame.
  • Learn to release difficult emotions.
  • Reframe your thoughts of toxic or hurtful behaviour that has become normalised.
  • Become whole and healed and learn to become empowered again.

You could benefit from trauma healing sessions if:

  • You experienced an event that was highly distressing or disturbing.
  • You are unable to work through emotions arising from this distressing event.
  • You keep having flashbacks or repetitive thoughts and memories around what happened.
  • You experience survivor guilt.
  • You blame yourself for what happened or keep thinking you could have done something different to prevent it.
  • You are living in fear of the same or something similar happening again.

The thoughts, emotions, memories and learned habits that stem from the traumatic event that is stopping you from living your best life.

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