Her Experience

Before my sessions with Ansie began, I was so fake. I had a fake smile, fake emotions, I portrayed myself in a way that blocked people from forming a connection with me. I lived in a small bubble that I had created myself, I feared everything and hardly ever thought of myself as deserving of anything good in this world. Furthermore, I did not know my worth; had no self- love, no confidence, and my values were all over the place.

Working with Ansie was the best decision I had ever made. She was so kind, understanding, patient, and she showed empathy. When explaining, she explained in a way that I understood exactly what she was talking about. I felt so relaxed around her and easy to get through the process.

I now realize my worth,  and  how much I should love myself. Not only that, but I have learnt how powerful my subconscious mind is. I don’t have the feel of being scared of every little thing. I drive  without fear.  I am not bitter, sad, angry and unable to forgive any more. Furthermore, I have learnt not to dwell on negative emotions.

Not only that, but I now know that I just have to put what I want out there, and let the law of like attracts like to its course. I now love and value myself so much. My values are in line with my goals and I know that I am a phenomenal woman.”

– Potso

His Experience

“I have been on a quest for the past few years looking at every self-help program to help me grow more effective and strengthen my personal relationship.  There is so much material, but little of this is effective in dealing with subconscious beliefs.  I found that it was a struggle to maintaining momentum and I would self-sabotage an outcome just before completion.

My life has changed so much for the better since I started my Transformation Life Coaching course with Ansie.  I now understand through the coaching, what was preventing me from having an outstanding life.  I have begun acting on my new belief systems, and I find that I am making more effective decisions, and I am more self-confident.

My personal life has also transformed.  I am more present and attentive, and I am enjoying the small things in life that I so often overlooked.

I can highly recommend Ansie and Transformation Life Coaching.

Due to the coaching I have learned to be kinder to myself, act with greater confidence and I do not get as stressed.

I have a better understanding of others as many of my limiting beliefs and filters have been reset.

I am happier, and I have found that I can communicate far better.  This has helped to strengthen my personal relationships too.”

- Brett

Her Experience

Ek is so tevrede met my eind resultate. Ek voel weer goed, ek sien kans vir enige iets en enige  iemand kans te gee en die beste van alles, ek het geleer om myself weer lief te he, vir wie ek is, sonder enige perke.

Tannie Ansie het my geleer dat ek wel ‘n sterk vrou is en date k enige iets kan overcome wat in my pad staan.En ek weet sy sal daar wees as ek dalk weer ‘n oor nodig het.  Sy gee soveel om oor haar kliente en sy is bereid om die ekstra myl te loop. Sy is die beste ‘life coach’, sonder enige twyfel.

Ek is dankbaar vir die life coaching geleentheid.  Dit het my in ‘n beter weergawe van myself verander. Ek was nog nie een dag spyt nie en ek sal nooit spyt wees nie.   Ek het nog nooit so goed gevoel soos nou nie.

Dankie Tannie Ansie”

– Janika

Her Experience

“When I approached Ansie to assist me I had found myself in a space where I couldn’t think about my emotions and triggers objectively.  Emotions of anger, doubt, hurt, confusion had built up over time.  Some unresolved traumas from my childhood and later life had surfaced in a new way for further resolution and healing.  I was overwhelmed and the added COVID lockdown pressure had taken me to a very unsure place.  I struggled to function in my daily dealings.

Ansie was very thorough in her approach and application of the techniques.  She got to the root cause of all the emotions that surfaced and went the extra mile in listening to the beliefs behind the beliefs.  She noted every false story I was telling myself and focused in on the problem areas she identified.  She assisted in releasing deep seated traumas I had thought I had worked through before.  Her kind and caring approach made it a special time of healing and connecting with my true self.  I feel emotionally lighter, I am no longer triggered by things I was triggered by in the past and have a renewed energy towards my own work and passion.  Ansie brought about healing, insights that I had not considered before which has opened a new perspective to me.  She challenged me to change my view and held me accountable for the change I needed to create in my life.  I appreciate the love and care, the sincere interest she took in my life and my journey.  I appreciate this earth angel, thank you, Ansie!”


– Lara

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